During such trying times artists have a responsibility to try and unite people of all nations, religions, and cultures through their work and platform. From Michelangelo, lying on his back in the sistine chapel to Jimmy Hendrix playing the national anthem at Woodstock, the artist has historically proven to be a consistent catalyst of change and peace...

It’s our responsibility today as artists to take similar risks, to challenge the status quo, and to glue the world back together. In the constant war waged to destroy and control our humanity, music and expression will forever be our greatest defense. We cannot let terror, oppression or violence contain the spread of music and art. We cannot let fear quiet the poet. 

As an artist, accept your responsibility. Your responsibility to unify, love, and inspire. To be loud, resilient, and truthful. To express your individuality and inspire others to do the same. Your words, emotions, and ideas are the most powerful weapon in the fight for our humanity. 

This song is dedicated to victims of terror and oppression not only in Paris and Brussels, but around the world. 

May your spirit live on forever in the words of your favorite song...



I Don't Want To Be Like You

I do not believe in emulation. I do not believe in genre. A music artists’ desire to replicate their idol or conform to a category is a reflection of our social flaws. 

We all yearn to belong, not only as artists' but as human beings. Conditioned to believe that only the norm is acceptable.

We need inspiration. We should all be students of our idols, absorbing their stories, styles, and disciplines. However, I do not believe we should emulate the creatives who inspire us. We should take what we've learned from our musical heroes, and build our own styles, craft our own stories, and express WHO WE ARE...

Let's break free from the chains of genre...

Although being different is frowned upon in our warped society, it is those who think and sound different, who set the societal standard of what we consider to be normal. Those who transcend time, are those who transcend genre. To transcend the typical is to act like no other but ones’ self. 

If Beethoven composed a “Rock n' Roll” piece, it would not sound like the Rolling Stones, It would sound like Beethoven. The style of “Rock n' Roll” would be prevalent but Beethoven's essence would remain. His voice would stand strong and consistent no matter the "genre" he was composing. 

Paul McCartney's collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna on “FourFiveSeconds,” is lyrically hip-hop. Modernized to fit todays audience, Paul McCartney's melodic Beatles-esc style is noticeably present throughout the song. He can warp but he can't hide, making him timeless.

As Mercury & The Architects continues to develop, as my music is further released, I hope to inspire fellow artists’ and listeners that sole expression is possible. That the constraints of GENRE IS BULLSHIT and the practice of emulation prolongs the reign of your idols. 

I am not a rapper, I am influenced by Hip-Hop. I am influenced by Billy Joel, Steve Jobs, Jedi Mind Tricks, Biggie Smalls, Leonardo Da Vinci, Eminem, Meatloaf, and many artists who have inspired me to express myself. 

Genres, heroes, and music education have given me the tools to create my voice.

I do not want to be like my idols.

I do not want to be like you.





Philosophy Of Hope

I have always been on the constant quest for hope. Addicted to finding a definitive purpose in yesterday and today! for tomorrow... Addicted to the analyzation of my every action and picture, in hopes that through awareness and study I will find hope. 

 Hope that I can change. Evolve. Transform. Not only myself. But the reflective world around me. 

Hope that I can be a creator of fate and not its victim. The conducter of my machine rather then a cog...

I have Teared through my past in hopes of my future... I have teared through our past in hopes of our future... 

 And here I am once again searching for Hope in my past. Analyzing a song I wrote when I was 16 in hopes that I will discover something about myself, that my subconscious is yet to reveal. 

 And here I am once again. Trapped in the gallery of my past... Searching for Hope.




Mercury & The Architects: Blog Introduction

We have been conditioned to believe that what is recognizable is acceptable; that the normal is desirable. We are petrified. 

We fear what others have never done. Not because we are incapable- but because what has never been done cannot be studied- and most of us cannot recognize it; we cannot understand it, and we will not accept it.

What has never been done will never exist.......

I want to live in a world that I create.

It's those who recognize a world outside our textbooks, those who recognize the unrecognizable, those who create, who dream, and who inspire who have left footprints throughout history. Inventors, writers, painters, visionaries, musicians, architects. Embracing the unique and designing the structures of our future. 

I want to live in a world that I create......