I have always been on the constant quest for hope. Addicted to finding a definitive purpose in yesterday and today! for tomorrow... Addicted to the analyzation of my every action and picture, in hopes that through awareness and study I will find hope. 

 Hope that I can change. Evolve. Transform. Not only myself. But the reflective world around me. 

Hope that I can be a creator of fate and not its victim. The conducter of my machine rather then a cog...

I have Teared through my past in hopes of my future... I have teared through our past in hopes of our future... 

 And here I am once again searching for Hope in my past. Analyzing a song I wrote when I was 16 in hopes that I will discover something about myself, that my subconscious is yet to reveal. 

 And here I am once again. Trapped in the gallery of my past... Searching for Hope.