Mercury and the Architects is a NYC based music and art collective, led by TJ Mercury (songwriter, vocalist) and his sister, Chelsea Rae (musician/illustrator), dedicated to creating innovative storytelling experiences.

Crack the code. Take off your TV head. Become an Architect.


The Team

TJ Mercury- Songwriter, Lyricist, Vocalist, Producer, Performer.

Chelsea Rae- Illustrator, Pianist, Performer.

Kristyn Arch- Creative Director, Vocalist, Performer.

Christina Dimaio- Vocalist.

Mark B. Christensen- Producer, Engineer.

Greg Pizzullo- Executive Producer, Engineer.

Darren Fewins- Executive Producer, Engineer.

Joe Petito- Guitarist, Film Director.

Rob Ulitski- Film Director.

Steven Esposito– Vocal Production.

Shawn Pelton- Drummer. 

Bennett Paster- Pianist.

Ben Butler- Guitarist.

Oscar Convers- Bassist.


a letter from rae

We had lost ourselves trying to become who we were supposed to be.

We had fallen so deeply into the stories written by those around us; that we had forgotten how to live in our own.
We found ourselves trapped in the fear of judgement, failure, and uncertainty, looking outward for the answers to all our questions. Asking our parents, teachers, peers and the TV for guidance.

We hoped that someone would just tell us the truth and defined the answers gathered as our own truth.

We were just following the script.

The story we were told.

Playing the roles designed by the expectations of those around us. Hoping that if we played the part just right – we would be the ones’ THEY’D cast in OUR movie.

But we didn’t get the part.

We began to question our own significance in the story, recognizing the disguise we had been wearing.
After a few years of restlessly searching for the truth on two entirely separate paths, TJ and I found ourselves both on the porch of the home we both grew up in.

We had found ourselves back at the place where our lives began. Desperately trying to make sense of the void we had both felt at this very moment in our lives.

Trying to remember who we were before we were told who we were supposed to be.

For the very first time we looked inward for the answers to this question.

What we FOUND was the art we had left behind.

We sat there for hours listening to the collection of music TJ wrote in his early high school years. For the first time I carefully listened to the lyrics. His message was not just his. It was mine too.

And all of ours.

At the very same moment our perspectives aligned; inspiring me to look through my old sketchbooks. We remembered everything. As if we had just woken up from a societally induced coma.

Everything we had known, believed, and learned from that moment on had an entirely different significance.

We realized that his music and my artwork was our TRUTH.
That no one could ever give us the answer.

Because it was inside of us the whole time.

We found the TRUTH in the stories WE wrote.

Stories of our fears, values, doubts, and uncertainties.
His music spoke to me the same message as the stories depicted in my artworks. This intense, almost psychic connection inspired the both of us to face our fears and BE who we have always been.

Now, 3 years later I strive to live in my fullest expression.

To take off my tv head and become an architect.

I live to create and spread art that I believe in.

I am no longer playing the victim in someone else’s movie.

I live in my story. 


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